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The next best thing to playing and winning...

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Thursday, January 21st, 2010
6:24 pm
My tiniest, icklest brother Teagan is getting a housewarming party whether he likes it or not. It's going to be Saturday night. I'm working on the invites. Guest list ideas, skip?

Small place, should be a small list unless we want to take it back to the bar. Definitely an option.

It's been a good summer so far, El, Mal, Sue, Anthony and me just having a brill fucking time. Anthony's a fucking musical genius, Sue speaks French at me half the time and Mal's a bloody handsome little bugger, moreso every day. Bar's doing well but I don't have to tell you that.


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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
10:22 pm
PrivateCollapse )

Dead busy month. Bartending's a fucking weird job because when people are scared they drink and when people are happy they drink and you see the whole fucking gamut laid out right in front of you. No emotion's too good for alcohol.

The kids are good. So's El, and the baby. Not much else to say really.

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Saturday, March 14th, 2009
3:57 pm
RECORD PROFITS LAST MONTH. Could be because the fucking world's going to hell but bread and circuses, you know what they fucking say and all.

Things are good. Mac Jr spent some time with Susie and now she keeps asking for Ennie and talking about colours and colouring. She's also been asking for Sack -- my only fucking guess there is that she's talking about Zacharias. She's liking the blokes a little too much, I think, maybe we need to find someone with some fucking daughters. Like Ed. Ed, maybe you should get your head out of your arse or work or whatever it is you're up to.

Anthony's TALKING and it's fucking bizarre but it's fantastic. He talks to the bloody telly if you'll believe it, and he keeps trying to talk to Su but she can barely keep up because he's a fast talker. Good for him, I knew my son wouldn't be bloody slow.
Alex, he picked out Frere Jacques on the piano. You need to fucking teach this kid because he's a bloody prodigy.

Kids are fucking brilliant. Mine and everyone else's though no one has a kid as brilliant as mine. Basil, when do I get to see your kid?

Had our anniversary couple days ago, been married three years and let me fucking tell you, the secret is the best fucking woman you can find and a amazing bloody sex life.

Soon there'll be three of them, three years married, three kids, and my life'll be fucking perfect
I'm almost off the potions because it turns out all it takes is one fucking joi

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Saturday, December 20th, 2008
12:04 am
PrivateCollapse )

I have a fucking headache and it's not a fucking hangover and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ow.

Bar's doing well. Couple of months before I get a lot of my waitresses back. It'll be good.

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Saturday, November 1st, 2008
1:33 pm
PrivateCollapse )

Bones family might want to avoid mum since I might've told her I sold the bar.

April Fool's, mates.

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008
11:26 pm

The Grand Bloody Re-Opening of the Third Circle is on MARCH 23RD.

Happy fucking birthday to me.

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Friday, July 18th, 2008
4:47 pm
Mein Führer, I can walk!

No, really, I got out of bed and fucking walked. Around, even, outside of my fucking house. Good times had by all, you know how it is with me, you lot, I bring the fucking party even to Diagon Alley.

My kids are fucking brilliant, I'm fucking brilliant, my wife is fucking brilliant and so's my family. Looking forward to Christmas as always, and skip, you get home tomorrow, yeah? Good to hear. We'll be there Sunday no question.

Oh, and fuck you, Death Eaters and happy fucking Christmas to everyone else!

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
3:31 pm
PrivateCollapse )

Going home within the fucking week or something like that. Anyone wants to fawn at my fucking hospital bedside and send me flowers, this is your last fucking chance.

Thanks to everyone who helped and all that shit.

Basil, haven't had a real chance to send owl post or flowers or shit, but congratulations on the kid and I hope this doesn't mean you won't come work for me at my next business venture.

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Friday, May 9th, 2008
2:37 am
Facts of life:
1) My kids are better than your kids;
2) my wife is better than your wife;
3) my bar is better than any bar in existence, but definitely in the fucking UK.

Other shit:
1) Mac wants to get everyone drunk. Not that I'm fucking dwelling in the past or something but it's still fucking bizarre to think about. If the Macs want to give me free alcohol, though, fuck yes.
2) Had to haul a customer to St Mungo's tonight because they were so fucking drunk they wouldn't wake up. I fucking hate doing that shit, but it's better than Knockturn when a knowledge of poisons comes in really fucking handy -- and hexes and all that shit, just about anything. I just fucking hate these people who try to drink themselves to death. I mean, fucking Christ, you should know when enough is enough.
3) My mother is acting fucking weird, even for her. Probably she's just losing it because HER YOUNGEST SON! is eighteen, and ready to move out and leave her all alone in the house.

Anthony wants to draw so that's about the end of this_______

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Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
10:18 am
Had to fucking break up two incidents outside the fucking bar last night and that just goes to show, right, but out of all the bars in London let me tell you that mine's going to have the most paranoid best fucking management keeping the place clean so that has to say something.

Anthony spiked a fever today, 38 C, and El flipped the fuck out and now we're at St Mungo's because she's afraid he's really sick when I think we could've probably handled it with some cold washcloths and shit. Looks like our night is set. Susie's not very happy either and I dunno if that's because she's not home or because Anthony keeps crying that fucking loud.

Kids. Fuck.

The world's a fucking pit of bastards and looking at the paper no one could tell me different.

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Monday, February 18th, 2008
12:16 am
Number Five's new girlfriend threw gravy in my hair and mashed potatoes in my face. And a pillow.

Also I found Anthony drawing on Brand and Gideon's mural yesterday with a ballpoint. (I cleaned it up, of course.) This kid's an artist of some kind, I don't know where he got all that from.

I'm on the couch tonight because I made fun of the drunk. Goddamnit.
Aston Villa won their match, I'm having a brilliant night, how's everyone else?

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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
8:06 pm
Anthony just brought me Sgt Pepper. I love this kid. Bet he wants to hear Lucy.

Bar's doing just fine. Surprised at how well the numbers are turning out. Looks like I'm finally doing something successful with my life.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
7:13 pm
I may have had the best sex of my fucking life last night. Three times.

Thanks for teaching me the candle trick, Anna

Probably the best sex I've ever fucking had. Happy birthday, El.

My son's first birthday party is on the 30th. Fuck yes, you lot. Fuck yes.

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007
4:46 am
PrivateCollapse )

Private: Alastor MoodyCollapse )

I just balanced all of the month's books and we haven't even opened yet. Looks like it's going to be a good day.

I think El's on her way back to work and we're going to dump our kids on my brother's formerly alcoholic divorcee girlfriend. Correct me if I'm wrong, El. Well, if they're still in one piece and haven't lost too many brain cells by the end of it, I won't complain. I have a living to make.

Anthony says something like "Sue" now whenever he sees Susan. It's fucking brilliant. My son's a genius. And a fan of Aston Villa FC. Take that, every other nearly one year old on the planet. Take that.

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
1:00 am - Morning of 16 March 1980...
... and my baby girl is born.

Her name's Susan Amelia Bones, born 2:17 AM on 16 March 1980. Not as big as Anthony and hell, he was two months early so she's a little one (it's almost fucking scary, I'm so used to this ... big bloody boy I've got and here's my little fragile girl you know) but I don't think El's fucking complaining at all about the size. Don't get me wrong, though, our Susie's a fighter. She's strong and we knew that from the start. She's got hair, too, and it's dark and that I don't get but hey, probably came from my side -- taking after Dad, maybe?

I don't know. I... don't know. El says visitors're welcome but don't come in big groups (you hear me, Prewetts?) and we'll figure something out for the Muggles I guess. Fucking biased hospital.

Anthony likes her. I can tell.

Fucking hell, I think I'm in love.

current mood: enthralled

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007
9:38 pm
Well goddamn, when you're not expecting the kid, he demands to be fucking born and now, but when you're waiting on the kid to be born, she bides her time, now doesn't she?

Women. (I'm joking. Oh, I am so fucking joking.)

Amelia told me about what's going on at Hogwarts. Teagan, skip, watch your fucking back. I remember back in the fucking day when you couldn't sneeze without certain fucking Slytherin bastards calling you a halfbreed disgrace to the planet, and if you just happened to be a little fucking outspoken, well... No one carved shit into my arm but there were some close fucking calls.

Financially things are looking up.

And this is what my life's become. What the fuck. Well, it had to happen eventually.

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Monday, September 3rd, 2007
6:38 pm
PrivateCollapse )

Not too long until my little girl is born, and not very long at fucking all until Brand's son is born. And there's a couple of months until the Maclet arrives, right? Well fuck, look at us and all our fucking kids.

Brand, I still say the boys need more bonding time. Not to mention I have a record you have to hear. I'll be over tomorrow?

Bar's doing great. Keep on coming. (Just got a huge import of premium fucking Russian vodka. Seriously, fucking come in, it's worth a shot or two.)

current mood: uncomfortable

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007
12:39 am - Private: Boneses except Amelia
This sounds so fucking stupid coming from me, but I think Amelia's not doing so well. As in, I don't think she's been back to her flat in a week.

We should probably do something, right?

(El's fine, by the way. We're doing great. In case anyone was wondering.)

current mood: thoughtful

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Monday, June 25th, 2007
9:23 pm


If you are not here, get your arse here, that's all I'll say because this place is fucking amazing and I'm not just saying that because it's my baby and YOUR FIRST DRINK IS FREE. Fucking hell, I love this. I love it.

Fuck Knockturn. Maybe.

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, May 21st, 2007
9:36 am
Well goddamn if life doesn't turn out exactly as people tell you it's going to.

Anthony's asleep on the couch with me and I'm watching telly and there's shite on. El's at work and I should be too, but I quit my job at La Table. Yeah, hold your fucking horses a second, there's more to the story than you think (and I know what you lot are thinking, Francis Bones quit another goddamn job? what a fucking jerkoff, well, fuck you, then).

Next month (fuck, I'm not sure, it's the 25th of next month, right, Jones?) at 147 Augustine Rd, Diagon, is the grand bloody opening of The Third Circle. Let me say with the experience of raising a fucking child that this is just like a sodding second or third child to me. Goddamn, does this thing need attention. But it's opening. IT'S OPENING.

Speaking of kids. We're having a daughter. It's good news, boy and a girl not even a year apart. Fucking fantastic.

Fuck, I really hope I don't get killed now.

Alex, you coming over for dinner soon? You better.

current mood: mellow and a little high

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